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About company

The Ural custom vehicles plant has worked on industrial market in Russia and the CIS for more than 17 years, it is the official partner of Ural, Kamaz, Maz, Gaz. The Plant has gained a reputation as a serious supplier of a high quality product and nowadays it is a high efficiency, fast-growing and potentially productive company .

For many years we have been successfully cooperating with our regular customers and partners- large oil and industrial companies : JSC Rosneft ,JSC Surgutneftegaz , JSC Tatneft , JSC Slavneft , JSC Transneft , TooKazmunaygaz, ZAO Intergaz, JSC Rusneft, JSC Beschneft, OAO Gazprom, LLC ErialNeftegaz service, Uzbeneftegaz, OAO Lukoil, etc.

The working area of the Ural custom vehicles plant is located in Miass, Chelyabinsk region, where a wide range of custom vehicles is produced and developed. Production departments are equipped with all modern facilities: rolling-and-bending machines, lathe machines, welding complex, bead-blasting and zinc-coating facilities, plasma-beam cutting, painting-drying cameras- all product is painted by high-technology equipment with modern enamel and with strict observance of all technological process. New and modern equipment allows to provide the process automation that increases the quality of produced machinery. In the manufacturing process the materials and utility of leading manufactures are used. The most important production line is the technical control of each output product. We strive to be the first in everything. The leading specialists, experienced designer and engineer staff help us with it. The plant has all necessary licenses and certificates that give the right to perform the design, development, manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance of manufactured equipment. The plant production capacity and growing network of regional representative offices allow to accomplish total after- sales service and also to implement the equipment components and spare parts delivery. We consider the preferences of our most demanding customers which help to develop and improve the manufactured product.


Nowadays The Ural custom vehicles plant produces more than 120 samples which satisfy all the modern requirements these are a tank truck, vans, towed vehicles, oilfield equipment, we also develop and produce special equipment of custom orders according to all allowing rules. Our stock room is provided by more than 300 units of equipment. In competitive conditions The Ural custom vehicles plant is committed to high achievements using modern methods and means of management, developing new areas. Since 2012 we have been successfully producing a manipulator cock installations ANT series which has a number of advantages over other manufacturers. Our manipulator cocks have a high quality and favourable price, due to approved manufacture with the use of modern technology and materials, using Swedish steel Domex in manufacture.

Requested service on the equipment market is the production of the semi-trailers for the oil product transportation, bulk materials, gas and heavy cargos. Today the Ural custom vehicle plant may offer a wide range of trailers, of various functional purposes: semi- trailers for service water, oil product, open truck float bodies, semi trailers for the delivery of the heavy equipment and other various goods. Our designers will recommend the trailers and semi-trailers to the exact vehicle tractive unit with the necessary qualifications in accordance with the specifications and requirements. The products of the plant are successfully operated in harsh Far North conditions: KhMAD, YaNAO, Sakha Yakutia; impassable boreal forest of Siberia and the sandy deserts of Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenia.

The Plant is constantly expanding boundaries of its supplies of equipment to new markets. The main office of the plant is in the center of Chelyabinsk. This is the four-storey building, where the management staff of the Ural vehicle plant, procurement, design department, sales and account departments are situated. Antonov Nikolay Aleksandrovich is a founder of the plant, initiator, mastermind and the first head of the company an officer of aviation troops in the past. The plant employs many of his colleagues and associates. Discipline, responsibility, honesty accompany a friendly team in the work. Positive attitude and attention help to build trustful relationships supporting long-term partnerships. For teambuilding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle a sport complex was established in the territory, which offers a daily workout.


The Plant today:

  • New technology, advanced equipment and components according to the quality standards of high technical level.
  • Advanced design techniques used in harsh conditions.
  • Highly qualified specialists of the design department.
  • Individual development of technical target and design for the most demanding customers, accompanied by all allowing documents and agreeing the requirements of use.
  • Transportation and stage equipment to the destination of the customer, maintaining full responsibility for the delivery with the performance of the maintenance operation en route.
  • Profitable and loyal conditions for each individual client, reasonable price and quality in accordance with all modern technology.
  • All these advantages give the opportunity to firmly maintain leading positions and compete remaining confident and reliable supplier and manufacturer of custom vehicles.

We will be glad to see you as our partners.