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The «Ural Plant Spectechniks» leads the Russian market for highly technologically advanced spectechniks. We can leverage our proprietary technologies to create powerful competitive advantages across many different markets. We've been making the impossible possible. And we're just getting started.


The «Ural Plant Spectechniks», as well as the Earth, «stands on three pillars»

The history of production

In 2006, The «Ural Plant Spectechniks» firmly entered the spectechniks market and by 2007 has become an official partner of «Ural», «KamAZ», since 2010 «MAZ» plants.

The «Ural Plant Spectechniks» has gained a reputation as a serious supplier of high quality products. The plant constantly increases production efficiency, improves technologies and introduces innovations.

Nowadays The «Ural Plant Spectechniks» is provided with more than 300 units of equipment that meet all modern requirements. The plant manufactures technologically advanced equipment for all environmental conditions and supplies this equipment throughout the whole of Russia and other countries aboard. The plant is ever expanding its export of supplies to new markets worldwide.

The «Ural Plant Spectechniks» has its own sales structure:

The «Ural Plant Spectechniks»

Trading Company The «UZST»

  1. is an official subsidiary;
  2. The «Ural Plant Spectechniks»  owns 20% of stocks;
  3. deliver equipment to Russian markets;
  4. the output products of the plant have successfully operated in harsh far-north conditions: KhMAO, YaNAO, Sakha Yakutia, furthermore, in the impassable boreal forests of Siberia.


The «Ural Plant Spectechniks» – Export

  1. has an official department in Uzbekistan;
  2. supplies equipment to nearby and distant foreign countries;
  3. delivers equipment to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, as well as Syria and Morocco.

The first pillar. CMI АNТ — «Ahead of time»

Have you ever seen a universal plant which produces a wide range of equipment, even crane-manipulator installations? Such plants can be counted on the fingers of one hand. For this reason, we designed our own unique exclusive line of the ANT crane-manipulator installations.

"After a long period of cooperation with the well-known Russian «CMI» plant, we had the idea: why do we need to order crane-manipulator installations, if it is possible to produce them? Then there was the time of the development of a design drawing, the task was to invent a qualitative, durable and fully-completed product. After the first release of the CMI ANT 12-2, we had to wait for only a short period of time before being successful. The plant expanded the line of products for each individual customer. Today, we produce more than twenty CMI ANT per month. To be honest, manufacturing of such installations is the most popular branch for us. We do not just keep up to date, we are always one step ahead! » - Nikolay Aleksandrovich Antonov, the CEO of The «UZST» stated.

Today ANT installations are capable of competing not only with the domestic analogs, but also with the import production of the «Palfinger», «Fassi» and «HIAB» companies, etc.

Our rule is the highest quality at the most favorable price.

The second pillar. Trailed equipment without surcharges: fully-completed set = basic- completed set

When buying drop-side semi trailers and heavy goods semi-trailers, as a rule, you need to pay an extra fee for the components and spare parts. But we are pleased to present you fully-completed drop-side semi trailersand heavy goods semi-trailers sets of The «UZST» brand.

The third pillar. The capacitive equipment — «it is real to be a leader»

Everyone knows that if you want to reach perfection you should work hard. Imagine, what you need to go through to see that you are the example that is to be followed. We do not just teach you, we will help you to surpass everyone around you. Did you think that this was possible? Let us show you.

Our company is the leading producer of tanker trucks and semi-trailer tanks of multiple differing functions. Today the plant manufactures tanker trucks of different configurations, completed sets and various volumes – from 5,5 to 40 m3.

We can produce tankertrucks or semi-trailer tanks thanks using our own designoraccording to your own technical design.

P.S: The «Ural Plant Spectechniks» has been a high efficiency, fast growing and a very productive plant for many years. These advantages give us the opportunity to firmly maintain a leading position.

The «UZST» always provides only the facts.

The first fact:The «UZST» is the largest supplier of trailers, semi-trailers and spectechniks which are based on the «Ural», «KamAZ» cars for oil and gas production, ore-mining, construction and wood-processing industrial companies of Russian Federation and neighboring countries. Today we are the largest producer of the hinged equipment of the chassis «Ural», «KamAZ».

The second fact:We provide individual development of technical targets and designs for the most demanding customers accompanied with strict observance of all technological rules; you can be sure that all types of design development manufacture, installation repair, guarantee and after sale service are granted.

The third fact:We guarantee the transportation of the equipment to the desired destination of the customer, submitting full responsibility for the delivery with obligatory insurance.

The fourth fact: Our plant has functioned effectively since 2006 and has its own producer code for the WMI and OTTS cars on the following spectechniks:

•on the chassis «Ural» - 150
• on the chassis «KamAZ» - 128
• on the chassis «GAZ» - 35
• on the chassis «MAZ» - 5
• on the chassis «RIAT» – 13

The fifth fact:The«UZST» production departments are equipped with the high technical level advanced facilities, which produce the highest quality of products with the necessary qualifications in accordance with specifications and requirements.

The sixth fact:The wide range of output products in the warehouse of the company is always supported. Thanks to that we can provide delivery at the shortest time.

The seventh fact: We suggest you visit The«UZST» AT OUR OWN EXPENSE. Our plant is situated in the most picturesque place with magnificent views of the nature of Russia. Irrespective of the season, we can offer you attractive rest in Miass: hunting, fishing, flights on a paraglider and the aircraft «Yak-52», a bath-house on firewood will also be waiting for you in the frostiest day. This will help you to become acquainted with official documentation, licenses and certificates, and enjoy a visit to our plant. You will personally get to know the officials within our company. Thus, our potential clients, who had once visited our plant, became permanent partners. However, if you do not have enough time for a visit, there is always an opportunity to watch the on-line broadcast of our production. You can monitor the production process of the equipment at any time.

The eighth fact:Moreover, if you or your drivers have come to our plant to collect the equipment, comfortable hotel rooms with Euro-standard design, own kitchen and a bathroom will be provided for everyone at our expense. Time before the road is so exhausting; therefore we couldn't but take care of your comfort. A key to a successful relationship is the individual approach with each client!

The«UZST»produces high quality Spectechnik by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who use it!

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